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Silicon Valley Homeless Man Receives Job Offers After Going Viral on Social Media

A Silicon Valley homeless man has received many job offers after a photo of him holding a sign that read "Homeless, hungry 4 success, take a resume" went viral on social media.

Dave Casarez on Monday said he is setting up job interviews in hopes of becoming a developer and is no longer handing out resumes on the street corner. Casarez received hundreds of messages after a post on Twitter by a good Samaritan showed Casarez standing at an intersection in Mountain View holding his sign.

The tweet posted Friday has garnered more than 135,000 retweets and 1,800 comments.

"I'm just completely blown out, receiving so many e-mails of support," Casarez said.

Casarez moved to the Bay Area from Laredo looking for a job in tech. He said he ran out of money and lost his car, which was also his home. Casarez then spent his nights sleeping at a Mountain View park and his days trying to get the attention of any employer he could.

The resilience paid off.

"People have shown support form all over the world," Casarez said. "Not just here in the Bay Area -- people from Japan, Saudi Arabia, Canada. It's been amazing."

On Monday, Casarez used the WiFi at Starbucks to set up appointments with multiple Silicon Valley companies who said they are now interested in hiring him.

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