San Francisco

Single Parenting is More Expensive in the Bay Area: Report

Raising a child is undoubtedly expensive, but apparently it's even more pricey if you live in the Bay Area.

CareerTrends, an online employment site, found the least affordable locations nationwide for single parents, and San Jose and San Francisco both placed in the top 10 -- not exactly bragging rights for two of the Golden State's most famous cities.

According to the research, which comes from the Economic Policy Institute's 2015 Budget Calculator, which gives cost estimates for living necessities, such as rent, healthcare, childcare and transportation.

The ranking was based on the monthly and annual costs of living for a single parent and two children. In San Francisco, which ranked fourth out of more than 600 cities, the cost per month is $7,404, with a yearly estimate of $88,848.

Meanwhile, Santa Clara County took the number 10 spot, with an estimated cost of $6,654 in order to support a family of three per month.

Other California cities featured on the list include Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Napa, San Diego and Salinas. 

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