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Six Sexual Battery Reports at SJSU in Two Months; Suspect Arrested

A San Jose State student has been arrested as the university police department announced on Thursday evening that officers have investigated six cases of sexual battery reported in nearly two months.

These reports stemmed from allegations first reported on Oct. 17 in Duncan Hall, Sweeney Hall, the Student Union, and Boccardo Business Complex. All of the victims were students, according to school president Mary Papazian.

The suspect in the Student Union was arrested, and identified as Huaien "David" Kong, 19, and he is a student at the school. Papazian said officers believe “he may have committed additional unreported sexual batteries,” but she did not elaborate. That report came into police on Monday. Police had previously sent out surveillance video of the suspect. School spokeswoman Pat Harris said Kong is subject to the "student conduct process," which is confidential.

Santa Clara County Sheriff
Huaien "David" Kong, 19-year-old, SJSU student

Papazian asked that anyone who felt that he or she was a victim of a sexual battery within the last week in the area of Clark Hall or the Dining Commons, should call university police.

Police do not know if the other suspects in the other cases are affiliated with the university, Papazian said. She added that police believe that a single suspect may be associated with at least two of the remaining cases. Leads provided over the past few days are being pursued and police foot patrols have been intensified around campus.

She also stressed what the definition of sexual battery is: Touching intimate body parts without consent. “While this may sound less severe than sexual assault, this behavior is deeply traumatizing to victims,” she said.

According to annual crime reports, 11 cases of sexual battery were reported at San Jose State in 2015, compared to 17 cases so far this year.

Vice President for Administration and Finance Charlie Faas has been developing a comprehensive safety plan in the wake of these statistics.

Here are some changes being made on campus:

• Additional security cameras: Twenty-four additional cameras will be purchased and installed in the near future to complement existing video surveillance systems. The video will be used as an investigatory tool and is not monitored in real time.

• Police staffing: Recruiting is underway for six additional campus patrol officers, which will increase the number of sworn officers on our campus to 32. UPD has received approval to hire an additional four Public Safety Assistants, which provides our own students with the opportunity to gain professional experience and expands the Safety Escort program.

• Enhanced lighting: Additional lighting and related work will begin during the winter break, and continue through spring term.

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED: A Student Advisory Board composed of students is being formed to help police figure out how to better keep the campus safe. To get involved, contact Chief Peter Decena directly at peter.decena@sjsu.edu.fort.com

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