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SJSU Basketball Player Arrested for Beating, Robbing Man in Union City

A San Jose State freshman basketball player was arrested Saturday for his role in a violent attack that left a man in Union City beaten and robbed in what police are describing as a targeted attack.

Terrell Brown, a graduate of Hayward's Moreau Catholic High School and now ex-member of the Spartans' basketball team, was among a group of five teenagers who attacked the victim near Mariner Park and fled the scene with the victim's cell phone and wallet.

"They knocked him down and were punching and kicking him in the face," Lt. Jeff Snell from the Union City Police Department said.

Officers said the victim was driving with his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Sanchez, when she stopped the car at the park, according to police. When the two stepped out of the car, Brown and four other men attacked the victim and stole his belongings.

"It's possible that the motive was a robbery and to obtain (the victim's) property, but it also sounds like there may have been some past dealings with (Sanchez and the victim)," Snell said. "There may have been some personal score that she felt needed to be settled."

While police talked with the victim, he noticed that his credit card had been charged at a nearby In-N-Out, according to police. Officers drove to the restaurant and found two cars matching the suspect vehicles. Five teenage suspects were arrested and charged with robbery, criminal threats, possession of stolen property and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Brown, who was dismissed from the team Friday for violating team rules, is no longer in custody, according to records.

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