SJSU Professor's Class Canceled After Student Uproar

Lewis Aptekar was reinstated after being on paid leave while under investigation for sexual harassment

San Jose State University on Wednesday took action in response to student anger over the reinstatement of a professor accused of sexual harassment.

NBC Bay Area reported exclusively last Friday that up to half a dozen students were threatening to drop the counseling education classes of Lewis Aptekar. The professor had been on paid leave as a result of an investigation that determined he sexually harassed a student by asking her for a date.

NBC Bay Area obtained a memo issued Wednesday night that shows one of the two classes assigned to Aptekar has been canceled.

Students told NBC Bay Area they signed up for the class while it was still listed under another instructor.

The university did not provide the status of Aptekar's other class.

A student protest aimed at Aptekar is scheduled for next week.

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