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#Sliceline: Drones Deliver Pizza in San Francisco As Part of Promotion for HBO's Silicon Valley

Now here's a way to use drones we all could get behind: delivering pizza.

Drones were seen flying across San Francisco (and Los Angeles and New York) on Monday dropping of free pie to any Twitter users who tweeted out #Sliceline coupled with the pizza emoji. Eater San Francisco reports it was part of a promotion tied to Sunday's Season 5 premiere of Silicon Valley on HBO.

The promo was put on by Fooji, who told Eater SF 714 pizzas total were delivered as part of the event. The pizzas were all delivered in customized boxes boasting the Silicon Valley show branding and #sliceline, which is based on the fictional app featured in an episode.

Check out the tweets below to see how the pizzas were delivered in San Francisco.

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