Smoke, Air Pollution Could Contribute to COVID-19 Infection Rates: Study

NBC Universal, Inc.

A new study shows wildfire smoke or other air pollution may contribute to higher COVID-19 infection rates.

COVID-19 infections spiked during a spate of bad-air days caused by wildfire smoke in 2020, and an observational study by the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology found there was a correlation between particulate matter and positivity rates.

The study's authors say it shows that pollution makes people more susceptible to infection.

A reminder: people most affected by wildfire smoke are people with heart conditions, lung disease, children, elderly and people with respiratory conditions. Here are some tips to help:

  • Keep your home as smoke free as possible by keeping windows, doors closed, and running the air conditioner
  • If you have to head outside, use N95 masks or respirators if you’re in the sensitive groups
  • Change the air filters in your home more frequently.
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