Some Bay Area Residents Experience Backlash for Showing Support for Trump, Clinton

With the presidential election just four weeks away, political expression in the Bay Area is triggering a lot more than debate.

A Donald Trump supporter in Bay Area says he is scared to put a sticker on his car or wear a hat to show his support because it makes him a possible target.

"I would get the finger. I would get vulgar words yelled at me," said Ryan Busbee, a local Trump supporter. "I've been tried to be run off the road. I've had a bottle thrown at my car."

Busbee has gone through about 15 political stickers supporting the Republican ticket for president.

"I just can't have the stick on my car anymore," he said. "I can't afford to keep having touch-ups done to my car. I can't afford to be afraid for my safety."

In Lafayette, Sharon Fraetis has had her Hillary Clinton signs stolen twice in the last week, leaving her a small bumper sticker to show her support.

"I feel uneasy about putting anything else up because of the way it's being treated," Fraetis said.

Supporters on both sides of the aisle say they cannot wait for Election Day.

"I want people to know that you shouldn't be shut down for who you are supporting," Busbee said.

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