'Something Good Happened': San Mateo High School Students Spread Positive News

It was in Jennifer Rohrbach's US History class at San Mateo's Middle College that bad news began being channeled into something good.

Caroline Rumer was in that class that day.

something good happened 11

Rumer says the topic of discussion was a series of bad news events that had recently happened. "I think it was the day of the Parkland shooting," Rumer said. Everyone, including the teacher, was feeling down.

"She said something like, 'When you are grown up and rich you need to start your own television news program that only does positive news," Rumer said. The idea resonated with Rumer but she had no interest in waiting until she was either grown up or rich to tackle the idea.

something good happened 2

"It seemed like something that was good and I can make this happen," Rumer said.

So, Rumer corralled a group of like-minded classmates and within a few months their good news podcast, "Something Good Happened," debuted. Every couple of weeks Rumor, along with co-host Justin Zheng, interview a person they consider to be making a positive impact in the world.

They are already into their second season highlighting good news in the environment, education, and medicine. Rumer and Zheng hope they are bringing some balance into people's news diets.

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"(If) you are only seeing 95 percent negative news, then I'm 100 percent sure that would have a negative impact on your mindset," Zheng said.

Both Rumer and Zheng say talking so much about positive people and their positive outcomes have not only lifted their spirits, it's has given them a confidence boost. They know now that, no matter what ills may face the world, they can be part of the cure.

"If you put in the effort, you can make that little bit of change," Rumer said.

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