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South Bay Mom Fights Against Gun Violence After Son's Death

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A South Bay mother is turning the tragic killing of her son into a crusade.

Sara Huff's son, Michael Munns, was shot accidentally inside of a car in December, according to police. He later died from his injuries, prompting Huff to take the fight against gun violence into her own hands.

At the time of the shooting, Munns was with friends inside a car in the gated Silver Creek Valley Country Club in San Jose. Police believe Cole Halvorson accidentally fired a gun, injuring and ultimately killing Munns.

"There's this emptiness inside of me that I can't explain," Huff said.

Holvorson now faces several felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon and being in possession of an unregistered gun.

The trauma has led Huff to take action. She will lobby with the mayor in his push for gun insurance, and she wants all gun owners to show proof of owning a gun safe.

"The last thing that I can do for him is to continue on pushing forward for zero tolerance for gun violence, accountability for people that do get a hold of guns that shouldn't have them," she said.

Huff knows her new mission in life won't bring her son back, but she hopes it will prevent another mom from feeling her pain.

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia said he's spoken with too many grieving moms. He also shared photos of some of the illegal guns that have been taken off the streets this month.

"We should be providing consequences to individuals that are illegally possessing firearms and not treat them as non-violent or non-serious felonies," he said.

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