South Bay Woman’s Honda Civic Stolen with Brother’s Ashes Found by Police

An officer found the stolen vehicle late Thursday.

Police have located a South Bay woman's stolen car that also had her brother's remains in the back seat.

Cecilia Soriano said an officer found her Honda Civic late Thursday and that her brother's ashes were also still in the vehicle. Soriano earlier in the day said she did not care about the car and just wanted her brother's remains to be returned.

"We're still dealing with it, it's still not real to me," Soriano had said of the incident.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department also put out an area alert for the stolen vehicle.

Soriano said her family is heartbroken following the death of her older brother, Vance, who committed suicide last month.

"He was a good guy and I'll remember him that way forever," she said.

Soriano is in the process of moving and on Wednesday night parked her car outside her daughter-in-law's home in east San Jose. Inside the vehicle she had some clothes, baby pictures of her children and three silver lockets with her brother's remains inside.

"They don't know what they did. They took something from me," Soriano previously said. "They took him again. They broke my heart again."

Soriano said she will never understand why her brother took his own life, but was hoping his remains would be returned so she can begin to heal.

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