Family-Owned SJ Business to Close After 146 Years

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A San Jose store that has been in business under the same family for 146 years is set to close in 2020.

Many locals know the iconic red sign that has hung over Western Appliance for nearly 80 years. According to the company’s website, it has hosted parking-lot barbecues, sponsored youth teams and raised money for local charities. Now, the store is closing.

“While the demise of brick-and-mortar retail stores has been prominent news for many years, we aren’t just another retailer that’s closing its doors,” the company said in a statement on its website.

Western Appliance plans to go out “gracefully” by having one last giant sale to say goodbye.

“We will be selling to the walls and bringing in new specials at great prices… Our goal is to exit this 146-year run in California retailing gracefully,” the company stated.

The company has asked its customers to consider visiting independent retailers next time they are in the marked for a home appliance.

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