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Morgan Hill Restaurant Ordered to Close for Allegedly Violating Dining Orders

The restaurant was ordered to close without prior notification to the city or restaurant owners.

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Ladera Grill restaurant in Morgan Hill was ordered by Alcohol Beverage Control officials to close all operations Friday night for allegedly violating state guidance on outdoor dining, but the city was unaware of the orders.

ABC officers stated that Santa Clara County was never approved for outdoor dining.

However, in a press release, the city said no one was given any notice that the state would shut down outdoor dining in the county.

"Typically, we would be notified of this type of enforcement in our jurisdiction," said Morgan Hill's Police Chief Shane Palsgrove, "but neighter our department nor the Sheriff's Office were notified that anything like this would be happening."

Dan McCranie, owner of Ladera Grill said in a press conference Saturday morning that the situation is a combination of "outrageous" and "unprofessional" as the city was never notified about ABC officers citing businesses.

"We've had no knowledge of change in directive for full service directives," McCranie said.

"I intend to stay open until I see directive that prohibits me to have outside dining."

City officials are concerned for the lack of communication and say there is no resolution as of now, which leaves already struggling businesses hanging.

"If restaurants are unable to open outdoor dining today, the will be particularly hard hit by a loss of revenue on what would otherwise be a busy holiday weekend," city officials said.

"We understand COVID-19 is a very dangerous virus," Constantine said, "and we comply," he said referring to outside dining only orders.

Constantine said he listened to Newsom's press conference a night before and no indication of change in outside dining orders was mentioned.

"I would like for the governor to follow what he said during his press conference," Constantine said, "to follow with education and not with a fist."

The Alcoholic Beverage Control issued the following statement regarding the situation:

ABC yesterday began statewide 4th of July enforcement of alcoholic beverage laws. Agents across the state met with owners of licensed premises to ensure they were complying with alcoholic beverage laws and public health orders. ABC stresses education over enforcement in most instances, and the vast majority of owners voluntarily complied after meeting with ABC agents.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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