Stanford Cancels Summer Classes Due to Power Outages

Beck Diefenbach | Reuters

Stanford University cancelled summer session classes Wednesday following ongoing power outages in the area.

According to the university, the power outages were a consequence of the Edgewood Fire burning in San Mateo County.

"Due to yesterday’s fire in the Emerald Hills area, the main Stanford campus lost the power supplied by PG&E’s main transmission line to the campus. PG&E is providing a limited supply of power through a secondary line, but it falls far short of the normal needs of the campus," the university said in a statement.

"This limited supply is being used to maintain cooling for the hospital and other critical infrastructure on campus. In addition, some student residences and other buildings are operating on backup generator power. Work continues to shift the limited power supply on the main campus to the highest-priority needs."

Below is a list of the locations and services affected by the outage:

  • Cancellation of summer session classes, conferences and day camps for Wednesday, June 22.
  • Bing Nursery School, Madera Grove, CCSC and Stock Farm Road childcare facilities are closed.
  • Cellular service is impacted in some areas of campus.
  • Impact to information systems are available from University IT at
  • The AOERC (including the Avery Rec Pool) and ACSR are closed, all main campus recreational classes are cancelled. The Redwood City Recreation and Wellness Center remains open.
  • Chilled water production is occurring, but the ability to supply it to individual buildings remains very limited due to lack of available power. Researchers should wait until further notice to perform any non-critical activities.
  • Green and branch libraries on the main campus are closed.

For more information, check out the Stanford University Emergency Information page.

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