Thieves Targeting United States Postal Service Trucks

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A rash of break-ins has the United States Postal Service inspector on high alert.

The post office said thieves are smashing their way into mail trucks and stealing packages and other mail.

In one incident, surveillance video captures a man walking in front of homes next to the Santa Teresa Golf Course in San Jose. Moments later, neighbors said the man smashed the front window of the postal truck.

"I can see him jump in and take boxes and taking all the mail," said a resident who did not want to be identified.

The homeowner said her cameras caught the suspect in the act and has turned over the surveillance footage to the postal inspector.

USPS Postal Inspector Jim Fitch said the incident is a federal crime that carries five years in prison. The post office is offering a $10,000 reward for anyone who identifies a suspect they ultimately convict.

"This is not surprising," said Issa Adjlouny with the group Safer San Jose. "Burglars are doing this all the time because there is no punishment."

Safer San Jose said it tracked the suspect's car as it was following the postal truck through its web of hundreds of cameras in the neighborhood. The group was even able to give investigators the license plate number.

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