Sparklers in the Snow


FROSTY FOURTH: Winter enthusiasts are used to the sight of skier-held torches blazing down a snowy mountain after sunset. But a Fourth of July sparkler, on the Fourth of July, is a much less common occurrence, given the fact, that, well, July, winter snow, and never the twain shall meet, and so forth. But that is not the case in Mammoth, which just announced that it is staying slope-open all the way through Independence Day 2011.

SUMMER SKIING: Who shall we thank first for this? Well, Mammoth, of course. But let's also acknowledge the rather prodigious amount of snowfall the mountain received over the past few months. No snow, no go on the summer skiing. Lots of snow, and people are wearing red, white, and blue mufflers up on the lift. Moreover, Mammoth will be open *daily* through the Fourth of July, not just weekends. There's a lot of pack to work with -- 15 to 25 feet -- and more precipitation seems to be on the way. Which will really up the numbers; Mammoth says it is currently at 157% of its seasonal precip.

ONE QUESTION: Who's the first skier who'll brave a bikini come summer? Best of luck to you. And, um, brrrr.

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