Stanford Approves Plaque for Chanel Miller, Woman Sexually Assaulted by Brock Turner

Stanford University will install a plaque on campus with Chanel Miller's choice of words. Miller was sexually assaulted by ex-Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner.

Students felt so strongly Miller should have a plaque on campus, they put up a small engraved plaque of their own. The university has now decided to install its own plaque with the same words -- comments originally rejected by Stanford officials.

"Stanford had an agreement with Miller and broke it," Stanford law professor Michele Dauber said. "It's time for them to put up the plaque and stop stalling."

Stanford Provost Persis Drell said one reason for the change of heart was an Association of American Universities survey of students experiences with sexual assault found 38% of undergraduate female Stanford students had reported having some kind of non-consensual sexual contact.

"The survey results provide a clear message," Drell said. "We need to confront sexual violence openly and aggressively at Stanford."

The university also plans to put up another market at the site where Miller was sexually assaulted. But some students question that move.

"We don't know what they are putting up and it gives them a chance to impose their own narrative, rather than let Chanel's words speak for themselves," said Shanta Katipamula, former Stanford student body president.

The university did not provide the wording of the second plaque, but according to Drell it will be placed at the entrance to the garden, explain what the site is and offer resource information. Stanford said it has reached out to Miller to get her permission to use her quote.

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