Starbucks Celebrates 40 Years Thanks to Us

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Forty years ago this month, Bay Area coffee legend Alfred Peet inspired a writer, an English teacher and a history teacher to open a coffee shop of their own.

Little could the founder of Peet's Coffee & Tea have known then that his help would create his company's biggest rival.

The story goes that Peet sold coffee beans to the three original founders of Starbucks in Seattle back in 1971 and years later the coffee giant entered into a no competition agreement with Peet's Coffee & Tea.

All of that is history today and so is Starbucks aging logo. The company unveiled a new look Tuesday to celebrate its 40th anniversay, which comes on March 30.

Starbucks' new logo has a familiar face but the letters that make up the company's famed name have disappeared. The signs at several Starbucks' locations across the country were also changed this week.

But beyond a new look, Starbucks also introduced a new line of coffee flavors and  baked goods Tuesday.

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