Starbucks Holiday Cups Brew Up Controversy Over Alleged ‘Gay Agenda'

Will Starbucks cups ever catch a break? 

This year's Starbucks cups are under controversy - again - for its alleged "gay agenda" and many on Twitter are theorizing that the couple depicted holding hands is a pair of lesbians. 

The Starbucks holiday cup promotion video begins by saying, "The holidays mean something different to everyone," and continues to feature people from many races, genders, and sexualities. Toward the end of the promotional clip, the coffee giant shows two women gazing at each other over a steaming hot drink while holding hands. 

Although the clasped hands depicted on the holiday cup is ambiguous, Twitter couldn't help but question it. 

One Twitter user quoted the Bible to criticize the coffee giants campaign by saying, "The new Starbucks cup has a lesbian couple on it. Rom 1:26 "because of this, God gave them over to shameful lust." 

Others have started to tweet with the hashtag #BoycottStarbucks.

"So glad McDonald's has an awesome Caramel Macchiato," tweeted @GarrisonTera. "I had missed them since I was boycotting Starbucks for treating Trump supporters so badly. #BoycottStarbucks"

While some people are speculating the gender of the cups hands, others have found the effort to show same-sex affection to be a good thing. 

"Great new #christmas campaign from Starbucks featuring #lesbian couple on the Holiday Cup," tweeted @rufusdowling. 

Starbucks has yet to comment on the controversy of the hands. 

The theme of this years holiday cups is "Give Good," and Starbucks is inviting customers to color to their heart's content. 

"Each year during the holidays we aim to bring our customers an experience that inspires the spirit of the season," said Starbucks in a statement. "And we'll continue to embrace and welcome customers from all backgrounds and religions in our stores around the world."

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