“Start-Ups: Silicon Valley” About to Debut on Bravo

Could it be the next big thing in reality TV?

Silicon Valley moves from the computer to the television screen this week with the debut of a new reality show, "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley."

The show is shot here in the Bay Area. It is an 8-episode series that premiers Monday night at 10 p.m.  on Bravo.

Start-Ups follows six young entrepreneurs who are trying to be the next Silicon Valley success story.

That plot may sound dry but producers are promising lots of high-tech drama.

Siblings Ben and Hermione Way say it's not easy working on a start up with a camera crew in tow.

The pair lives in a mansion in San Francisco with several other tech minded roommates.

Critics are already skeptical about the show.

Everything from the mansion location to the partying and the drama.

Ben Way says the reality show is real. "You could not script this in a million years the stress the passion of experience on camera was real," Ben Way said.

"We basically came up with a whole new idea and product on the show, went through funding process in Silicon Valley," Hermione Way added.

There is some stress and some release with parties and of course lots of disagreement along the way.

Time will tell if the show and the start up are successful.

Read more about the series at this link.

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