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Tech Startup Offers New Way to Invest in Real Estate

NBC Universal, Inc.

If you're feeling priced out and frustrated by the Bay Area housing market, there are now startups working to make things easier for you.

The startups are under the radar so far, but NBC Bay Area's Scott Budman in the video report above provides a look at how the companies want to disrupt the real estate market.

One of the startups, Lofty AI, lets multiple people invest in homes at the same time.

For now, the company is investing in rental properties and collecting rent, but eventually the plan is to get into homes for sale. The idea is to gradually invest what you can, build a real estate portfolio, and hopefully build the profit necessary for a down payment on your own home.

"We're trying to set a new standard for real estate transactions and ownership," Lofty AI CEO Jerry Chu said. "And to do that we need to test out a bunch of different methods to see what works and what people prefer."

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