Sting Aims to Make Muni Safer

A recent fight over seats caught cell phone camera and posted on YouTube and the case of an unsuspecting passenger beaten and robbed while riding the bus because of the color of his shoes prove the ride on Muni can be a tough one.

On Wednesday, officers swept through  the City in Operation Safe Muni, the first-of-its-kind action to target riders doing bad. More than 400 people were cited, nine arrested, for various offenses, including fare evasion, failure to provide proof of payment and eating and drinking, police said.

Six people were arrested on felony warrants and three others were arrested before being cited and released.

In recent months, similar operations have been conducted in the Ingleside District, which had seen an increase in robberies and other crimes.

Last month, Muni released a study that revealed approximately one of every 10 Muni riders is not paying fares. The study was conducted between April 30 and July 23 aboard more than 1,100 bus and streetcar trips, and found 9.5 percent of riders didn't have proper proof of payment.

Bay City News contributed to this report.

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