Stray Horses Near Martinez Freeway

Drivers had to use extreme caution early Monday morning in Contra Costa County because of a pair of horses walking off the freeway.

The horses were walking around Instestate Highway 680 North at Pacheco Boulevard about 2:40 a.m., according to the California Highway Patrol. Sgt. Steve Barreul said it could have been "horrific," if it had been a busy time of day and cars had ended up striking the horses.

The animals were first spotted by  Doug Stewart, who works for Central County Citireach. He was out with a team trying to help homeless people find shelter overnight and ended up discovering homeless horses instead.

Authorities arrived and gently walked the horses off the road, by strapping a belt around their necks and walking them to the side of the street.

It's unclear just how they escaped their owner. Animal control came to retrieve the animals.

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