Street Food Gets Its Day in Court

Supervisor calls for formal discussions about mobile food

San Francisco's growing street food movement's day in the sun may finally come thanks to an unlikely group of people.

Current supervisor and mayoral hopeful Bevan Dufty is calling for a formal hearing on street food to try calm the nerves of business owners upset that mobile vendors don't pay taxes and other city fees they have to.

The thought that street food vendors are getting rich off of their businesses on wheels is a stretch. Not every vendor is successful enough to quit their day job and buy a second cart.

Still Dufty's meeting is light on specifics. The supervisor is not calling for anything more than an explanation into the complicated permitting issues involving street food.

He told the San Francisco Examiner that multiple agencies would have to be involved with regulating the mobile foodies.

But he says he hopes the meeting will spawn a debate that will eventually lead to a way to regulate street food.

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