Strong Wind Concerns in the Bay Area

High winds caused thousands of dollars in damages across the Bay Area Saturday.

In Martinez, a massive tree collapsed, toppling onto a car and house in the afternoon.

"Super loud, sounded like a car went through somebody’s house," said witness Trish Tehaney. "They're not home, the owners, the renters aren’t there. They're gone until Tuesday but we let them know what’s going on and it’s just crazy."

Though no one was hurt, the tree also took out some powerlines and temporarily knocked the power out of a few homes.

Another tree came down in high winds in Campbell. It pulverized one vehicle at the Pruneyard Shopping Center and damaged another.

When the root came loose, it also mangled the side walk. Crews quickly cut it up and turned it into mulch.

Winds have been gusting at more than 40 miles an hour across the Bay and just outside of Concord, a grass fire near Highway 4 quickly spread to 25 acres.

"Well the winds presented some challenge for us which made the fire a little difficult to keep up with," said Steve Hill from the Contra Costa Fire Department.

State and local fire crews were able to deploy lots of resources very quickly. About 50 firefighters and a Cal Fire helicopter managed to contain most of the fire, and within an hour, it was out without causing transmission tower damage.

Despite all of the incidents, no injuries have been reported as a result of the wind-driven emergencies.

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