Study: San Francisco Least Affordable City In USA

Nearly half of San Francisco residents don't make enough money to buy

For its beautiful homes, upwardly mobile citizens, and all-around desirability as a place to live -- San Francisco gets a big fat F.

Affordability -- the ability of people to achieve home ownership -- in all major cities in America fell last year, according to

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The website's Home Affordability Study found that "the American Dream of home ownership slipped out of reach" for even more people throughout the country -- but nowhere more so than in San Francisco.

Other places, like Atlanta, have homes that sell for $143,000, according to the study. Not so much here.

Not even New York, one of three cities to score an F on the survey, could touch San Francisco -- not with that median home price of under $400,000, which makes Gotham cheaper than San Diego.

The median home price in San Francisco is $706,300 -- almost 50 percent more than second-place San Diego at $469,000. Add to that the fact that San Francisco had the third-highest median income -- and it's the number one least-affordable.

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In San Francisco, median incomes fall "48 percent short" of what's needed to buy a home.

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