Studies Suggest Money Makes San Franciscans Insufferable

Money is the root of all annoying behavior, UC Berkeley researchers say.

Studies conducted at UC Berkeley suggest a rise in self-absorption and entitlement in San Francisco could be due to all the extra wealth that's arrived, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Research conducted in 2012 by Paul Piff, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and Social Behavior at UC Irvine -- he was at Berkeley in 2012 -- revealed that drivers of expensive cars were the worst drivers.

Specifically, BMW owners were "the worst," he found.

No research specifically on the new uber-rich (and Uber-rich) of San Francisco has been conducted, but as the city becomes increasingly expensive and chasms between classes widen, behavior may also be suffering.

Residents of the city agree that San Francisco has become "definitely more intense and competitive," the newspaper reported.

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