San Mateo County

‘Super Voting Centers' Coming to San Mateo County Ahead of June Election

So-called "super voting centers" are opening in San Mateo County.

The centers are part of an experiment officials have to boost voter participation in the June election. In addition, all voters will receive mail-in ballots without asking for them.

Super voting centers will be set up throughout the county starting Monday and will be able to handle anything that can be done at an election office, including registration, collecting ballots and voting. The centers will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

"A lot of people won't go out and vote, and if you put it in their face they will," said Celestine Larkin with San Mate County.

Chief Elections Officer Mark Church said said the centers and mail-in ballots will lead to increased voter participation, and at the same time we'll be able to reach out to language minority communities and voters with disabilities.

Four voting centers will open Monday in San Mateo Conty, with a location in South San Francisco, the county center in Redwood City and the YMCA in East Palo Alto.

In all, there will be 39 voting centers set up, with most opening up around May 26.

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