Swimming Alcatraz Classic for a Cause

George Wigfall is ready to swim the chilly waters of San Francisco Bay in hope of raising $10,000 to help Stockton children.

Wigfall, 51, will take part in Saturday's Alcatraz Classic, in which participants brave the historically dangerous waters in a swim from the former prison to Aquatic Park, located near Ghirardelli Square.

Wigfall has never swam in the bay, but he is optimistic about completing the 1.5-mile race as part of his effort to help the Stockton Children's Home. He said he is trying not to think about horror stories about sharks, jellyfish and currents in the bay.

"I'm just trying to keep my focus and train and treat it like it's just another swim," Wigfall said Wednesday.

Mark Phelps, executive director of the home, said he was "absolutely pleased" and "thrilled" to learn about Wigfall's goal.

The home provides shelter and school for 150 children, many of whom were earlier removed from violent environments.

"I'm hoping that it can put a smile on their face and make their lives a little more comfortable and show them that there is hope," Wigfall said.

To make a donation, call 209-957-9901.

This article originally appeared on KCRA.com.

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