SXSW Slays the Mighty iPhone

Too many users on the network disables popular phone

The country's hottest indyfest is underway in Austin and the gadget of choice to cover or Tweet back home about the South by Southwest is the iPhone.

But too much of a good thing has apparently turned into a really, really bad thing. It seems everyone at the SXSW festival has an iPhone, according to our friends at the Los Angeles Times. They say so much so that some people feel left out.

But too many people being on the network at once has AT&T, the sole provider for the iPhone, struggling to keep everyone covered.  The Times is reporting that only AT&T users are struggling to make calls and send e-mails home. Users from Sprint and Verizon Wireless finally have something to brag about. .

"If AT&T was smart, they would come in with a big antenna. It would be a huge PR opportunity," Scott Beale, the owner of Laughing Squid, a Web hosting company in San Francisco, told the paper. "Some day, we will have choice on our iPhones. And will we choose AT&T?"

He told the paper that he actually had to walk a mile back to his hotel just to Tweet what was going on at the convention. Of course AT&T is responding because it does not want people to be upset with its baby, especially during this terrible economy.

"We apologize to customers who have been inconvenienced due to this surge in local demand," AT&T Mobility spokesman Mark Siegel told the Times.

The company plans to quiet complaints by boosting its signal and band with capability in Austin.

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