Target Reportedly Eying a New San Francisco Location

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Target is coming to San Francisco. Or so the rumors swirl again.

SF Appeal is stirring the pot this time saying the trendy big box retailer -- as far as trendy as big box retail can get anyway -- is eying a piece of land in the City that is not the Metreon.

Last year there were reports that <a href=" was negotiating to move into the Metreon after the chameleon shopping center was still reeling from the loss of Tavern on the Green. The rumors have since quieted with both sides offering nothing more than a "no comment."

While Target is singing the same song, the Appeal backs its report up with comment from Supervisor Eric Mar's office, who say the supervisor met with officials from the Minnesota-based store and representatives from the land use law firm Reuben and eying.

Target is reportedly eying a vacant property in the City Center Mall on Masonic and Geary.

But before any potential move-in date there would have to be a lot of leg work done, as the Metreon found out.

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