Students Catch Naughty Teacher in the Act

Elk Grove teacher sends children home with sex tape

A group of Elk Grove parents might want to keep an extra eye out for what their children are bringing home from school. The kids may be hiding something a little naughtier than a bad report card.

A teacher from Isabelle Jackson Elementary School is under investigation after 24 students went home with a DVD that the school district said has inappropriate images.

Two parents from the school said they saw six seconds of sexual activity involving the unnamed teacher on the disc. The video compilation was supposed to be a year in review of the class. Friday was the last day of school for the year.

The Elk Grove Unified School District would not comment on the nature of the images, and district officials would not say what grade the students were in.

"Unfortunatly the DVD contained some inappropriate images," District Spokesman Steven Winlock said. "Well again there are images that are inappropriate on the DVD that we feel we need to alert parents and share that with them."

The school district said the teacher has contacted all 24 households to alert parents about the naughty video.

The district is also sending out a written notice to all the households, asking them to throw away the DVD.

Citing personnel matters, the district said it is investigating the case. The teacher's employment status is unknown.

A version of this story was originally published by KCRA.

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