Tech Bus Drivers Among Bay Area's Homeless Population: Report

Drivers of Silicon Valley's tech bus shuttles might not earn enough pay to have a stable place to live in the Bay Area.

San Francisco Chronicle reported that two Apple shuttle bus drivers live in their own vehicles, though one would only speak anonymously.

"Living in a car is hard," Scott Peebles, 53, said on the record. He has lived in his car for two months while continuing to drive Apple employees to the company campus. "I don't care who you are. . . It's too small of a space."

The publication interviewed several drivers contracted by Compass Transportation, which provides shuttles for Apple, eBay, Genentech, PayPal, Yahoo and Zynga who admitted, also anonymously, that they are homeless or "on the brink."

Though Compass said that drivers can make up to $72,000 per year, more reportedly make closer to the starting salary of $2,900 per month.

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