McCain campaign still trying

Is the McCain campaign throwing stuff against the wall, throwing in the towel or throwing up?  Maybe all of the above -- that's always my favorite answer in a multiple choice test. 

You kind of get that feeling by watching the multiple approaches that the Republicans seem to be taking in the waning days, some of which appear to smack of desperation.

With five days to go, perhaps the most spectacular observation is the extent to which all of the major polls point to the same conclusion: Democrat Barak Obama is leading in the presidential race. It’s not that Republican John McCain can’t win. He can win, but only by assembling the most improbable assortment of states, many of which seem to be in Obama’s camp.

For Obama, the polls show that he can win the presidency by taking any one of several different paths. Surely, it seems that one or more routes will prevail.

If Obama wins -— and it’s always IF in politics until the results are in -- his victory will not be because of last night’s infomercial.  Rather, it will be due to the incredible ground game that has been in play for months, leaving no detail behind.

Last night an Obama supporter told me that the campaign organization has scheduled California volunteers to make 1,000,000 calls per day between now and election day to selected battleground states (no, that’s not a typo).

Another Obama supporter says that the organization has more than 10,000 lawyers signed up in every state to petition judges for relief in the cases of voter fraud or mismanagement.

Are these claims true?

It's hard to know unless you’re on the inside, which I’m not. But after seeing so many other assertions substantiated (e.g. key state primary victory forecasts, fund raising predictions), it’s hard to dismiss these words as sheer hyperbole.

No, it’s still a long time until election day, but if the McCain campaign is queasy, you can see why.

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