Tesla Sends In-Car Warning to Some Model 3 Owners About Seal Defects: Report

Tesla Model 3
Silas Stein | picture alliance | Getty Images

Some owners of Tesla Model 3s received an in-car notification from the company warning them that defective seals on the vehicles could result in water getting into the cabin, according to a report Thursday from Electrek.

The affected vehicles have a vehicle identification number (VIN) between 910,000 and 917,000, and several Tesla owners in Germany reported getting an in-car notification on their screen saying they need to bring their car in for service, Electrek reported.

It was not immediately clear if any U.S. owners recieved the recall message.

It appears the warning is one of the first times Palo Alto-based Tesla has used the in-car notification to warn owners of a potential defect that poses a safety issue.

Tesla’s vehicles are connected to the internet, which allows the company to streamline features, update the vehicle's operating system and diagnose a variety of problems.

For issues related to safety, Tesla must still follow local laws and go through the regular channels of notification.

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