San Francisco

The Bay Area May Not Be the Country's Tech Oasis

For aspiring techies, moving to the Bay Area is a no-brainer, right? 

Not so, according to Indeed, a jobsite that studied which cities pay the highest salaries in the industry.

Although San Francisco and San Jose pay the most on average ($113, 497 and $111,925, respectively), adjusting payscales for factors like cost of living causes the two cities to drop on the list -- and allows up-and-coming tech spots to get a surprising boost.

When adjusted for living expenses, taking the number one and number two spot becomes, surprisingly, Austin, Texas and Seattle, Washington, while San Francisco sinks to the number three and San Jose plummets to the number six spots. So, what gives? Why does San Jose experience such a staggering plummet compared to San Francisco, where rents are higher than anywhere else in the country? 

It's all about the demand. 

"Demand for tech skills in (San Francisco) and (Seattle) is strong enough to offet their high living cost," the authors of the study wrote. "San Jose, however, drops to number six on the list. It may be the unofficial capital of Silicon Valley, but salary-wise, tech workers are better off in Dallas and Chicago." 

Welp, there you have it. For information on particular tech positions and their corresponding salalries across different regions, check out the full report.

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