The Camp Fire: One Month Later, Survivors See Signs of Hope

It’s now been a month since the devastating Camp Fire tore through Paradise, California and there are signs of hope returning.

Many residents have only recently been allowed back home to assess what they’ve lost and across the Bay Area, people are still trying to help survivors, including San Jose resident Angelina Sparacino.

"I found Airbnb hosts who were willing to give their homes, however, most of the homes in the Chico area were taken, so I found the closest places that I could," said Sparacino.

Just days after the fire, a San Jose charity group called Nhat Tam delivered truckloads of luggage and gift cards and they plan to return with similar shipments next weekend.

While the lives of so many people have been disrupted, the town of Paradise has been cheering on the local high school basketball team.

"Basketball has given us a sense of hope for me and my team mates since the fire," said player Joe Lawrie. "Everything we’re doing is just for Paradise and it’s an honor."

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