Google Launches Google+ Share Button

Now Google+'s 100 million users can be like Facebook's hordes and automatically share something they see immediately on their social network.

Google announced the new Google+ Share button on its Google+ Developers blog. "When your visitors come across something interesting on your site, sometimes you want to encourage a simple endorsement (like +1). Other times, however, you want to help visitors share with their friends, right away," wrote Google+ product manager Rick Borovoy.

Now Web publishers can take a little Google code and put it on their content, right next to the little Facebook Share button. This helps out Google+ immensely, especially since its social network has suffered the slings and arrows of pundits (remember the "ghost town" comment?) for the last nine months. 

Unfortunately, even at 100 million users, Google+'s audience is a fraction of Facebook's 901 million global users, so every little change can only help out the fledgling social network. 

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