“The Jetson Building” Turns 50

Silicon Valley icon still banking

It’s a piece of Silicon Valley history, that will instantly take you back to 1963.

The space race was heating up, the Silicon Valley was just getting underway, and The Bank of the West Building in Sunnyvale was signing people up for checking accounts.

The bank, known these days as “The Jetson Building,” or “Starship Enterprise,” celebrated its 50th birthday Thursday, with a little irony.

Just down the street, where Apple, GoDaddy, and Nokia already sit, a giant building is under construction to house LinkedIn workers.

But while tech has likely helped keep the bank in business, it’s not while people like Charles Goffin keep coming back.

Charles, who opened a checking account here 50 years ago, says the Bank makes him “feel like I’m at home.”

Take that, high tech headquarters.

The bank knows its kitschy, and has no plans to change.

It looks like a 60’s-era spaceship, but does business like a modern-era bank.

And that makes its customers, of all ages, happy.

Scott is on Twitter: @scottbudman

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