Inside Sen. Feinstein's Memorabilia Room

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein has quite a storied past, evidence of which can be found behind glass in a room she keeps dedicated to her 44 years in public service.
It’s in her basement where you can find campaign buttons and posters, pictures of her hobnobbing with world leaders, and even the helmet she wore on San Francisco fire lines.
Also preserved are some things she’d rather forget. Like the time she and Warren Simmons made a bet over the building of Pier 39.  Simmons was way behind budget and schedule. She told him she thought he’d never get it done. So he challenged her to a bet in which she’d have to wear a bikini to the groundbreaking. She accepted the bet, convinced there was no way he could win.
“Well, he did it. And we got to the groundbreaking and I’m thinking, what am I going to wear?” She settled for this Sutro Baths [bathing] suit worn over a long sleeve shirt.

Courtesy: Sen. Dianne Feinstein.
That was the first and last bet she ever took.
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