Diana San Juan

Thief Breaks Into Flower Shop, Takes About $1,500 Worth of Teddy Bears and Flowers

A man broke the front of East Bay Flowers in San Leandro and stole multiple teddy bears and flowers.

Surveillance footage shows he circled the store several times, shot the windows with a bb gun and went off with about 10 bears.

The owner’s daughter Vanessa Sanchez said she believes the thief’s motive could have been that he wanted to please his girlfriend.

"If you're already a thief, and you're in the doghouse with your woman, then you're going to rob a flower shop. You know? That's the conclusion we came to," Sanchez said. "That he was in trouble, it was her birthday, anniversary, something, andd that's what he had to do."

The shop said that in all, the teddy bear thief made off with about $1,500 worth of bears and flowers.

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