Thinking of Sneaking Off to the Pub? Think Again

A new service called BarSpace  may be creeping into your local bar, and some people might not be too keen on what it does.

The Snitch reports that a Sonoma County company founded the BarSpace app, and website ( which employs the use of streaming video cameras in participating bars. Users can then log in to see what's happening at their favorite watering hole.

The idea is to check out the place before you go there to see if it's too busy for your liking or what the place may look like if you're unfamiliar, but it doesn't take long to think about other reasons people might use the service.

The app developers claim the cameras (which are paid for by BarSpace) are placed at a high angle so faces cannot be identified. Nevertheless, some customers might be a little creeped out knowing they might have an audience (or angry wife) sitting at home watching them get drunk.

There are nearly 50 local bars already participating, including:

  • Abbey Tavern
  • The Ambassador
  • Atmosphere
  • Bar None
  • The Boardroom
  • MoMo's
  • Make Out Room
  • Milk Bar
  • Noble
  • The Republic
  • Rockit Room
  • Valley Tavern
  • Vessel

A full list can be found over at the Snitch.

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