Thug Snatches Widow's Beloved Pooch From SUV

"I'll do anything to get her back."

Belle is Annette Aiassa's baby. The 6-pound Maltipoo is Aiassa's best friend, accompanies her everywhere she goes and keeps her warm at night.

But Aiassa didn't get any sleep at all last night because her beloved Belle is missing -- the victim of a dognapping.

Someone swiped the 15-month-old Maltese mix from Aiassa's SUV Wednesday while she was at a San Jose AT&T store, trying to learn the ropes of her new cell phone and laptop.

"They just took my baby," Aiassa told the Mercury News. "I left the windows down a little too much."

The employees at the AT&T store raced around the parking lot to help Aiassa try to find the dognapper. They told police they saw a Latino man in a long black jacket and blue jeans drive off in a gray minivan. They think he's the one who took Belle.

The pup is all Aiassa, 67, has left, she says. Her husband died three years ago and if she doesn't get Belle back, she'll "go crazy" she told the paper. "I'm all by myself and I'll do anything to get her back," she said.

Maltipoos are not known to be aggressive but if Belle knows what's best for her and her "mom," she should take matters into her own paws and bite the hand that steals.

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