TMZ Founder Schools Cal Journalism Class

Celeb news site editor Harry Levin lectures UC Berkeley grad students

If you're a journalism student, you might want to work on your paparazzi stalking skill set and not bother with finely crafting your prose.

That's because TMZ founder and editor Harry Levin spoke to Cal Berkeley journalism grad students yesterday, and declared "I don't hire writers."

The site and show are best known for catching celebrities around Hollywood looking, and acting, their worst.

But it also recently exposed Northern Trust's lavish parties after receiving $1.6 billion in the federal bank bailout.

But Levin defended celeb coverage when needled about taking on more "serious" stories.

"Rihanna is a serious story - for us, for the country - like it or not. It's raising all kinds of issues about domestic violence."Jackson West figures that means the Jonas Brothers eating at McDonald's must be Mencken-esque social critique.

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