Tree Branches Under Risk of Falling Amid Sweltering Temperatures Across Bay Area

Scorching temperatures across the Bay Area are not only sparking fires and power outages, but also affecting trees.

It doesn’t take a big branch to fall and hurt someone or damage your property, and hot weather brings more limbs down than winter storms.

A certified arborist told NBC Bay Area that when it’s really hot, the trees pull in as much water as they can and then can’t release it quickly enough through their leaves. The branches get heavy and that’s when they snap. The phenomenon is called evapotranspiration

Michael Young of Urban Tree Managements says that homeowners can take down branches that they can reach from the ground, but anything over 20 feet up should be left to an expert.

Other signs of disease include mushrooms or cork as well as trees that are leaning more than 10 degrees.

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