Turn Your iPhone Into a Radar Detector

It's generally frowned upon to fiddle with your phone when you're driving. But a new radar detector from Cobra encourages just that, as it has an iPhone app (with an Android one on the way) that it works in conjunction with.

Speeders and iPhones, what could possibly go wrong?

Coupled with the Cobra detector, the iRadar app offers up speed and red light camera warnings, known speed trap and dangerous intersection alerts and other goodies. You'll also have a tidy list of your alert history, as well as the ability to control the detector with your iPhone like it's a remote. Of course, it would be safer (and cheaper!) to just drive the speed limit with your phone in your pocket, but hey, do what you gotta do.

Without the detector, we're told the iRadar app obviously isn't as fully featured. It'll be interesting to see where Cobra takes the iRadar, as the company is planning to roll out an updated version early next year.

Cobra, via TFTS

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