@Twitter Talks About Buying #TweetDeck

Twitter has spawned more than a few killer third-party apps (Echofon on iPads is pretty sweet) but TweetDeck is almost S.O.P. for many users -- especially newsrooms.

The Wall Stree Journal is reporting that Twitter is in late-term talks to buy the Deck for $50 million.

"A Twitter spokesman declined to comment," the WSJ writes (implying they got a human response from the notoriously slow-to-respond company).

TweetDeck is like a friendly sorter, pushing things into certain categories. And the easy interface lets users drill down on exact hashtags (specific items or items within items).

Making sense of Twitter and its billions of tweets can be daunting, especially for new users, and TweetDeck is especially powerful for higher-end users.

Users can also write longer than the 140-character cap made so famous by Twitter.

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