Two Cases Of Chickenpox Worry SF State Doctors

Email blast goes out to students.

Even though there are only two reported cases of chicken pox at San Francisco State University's 30,000-plus person campus, Dr. Alastair Smith says it's important to get the word out to students, faculty and staff.

"The risk is in a big community that these two cases could have transmitted it to others.  What we've been trying to do over the past few days is take a variety of steps to ensure that these two students don't pass the disease on to anyone else," Smith said.

An email blast went out to students.

The first student was diagnosed on August 29; the, the second was reported two days later.

Smith said the vaccination is very effective.  Two doses of the vaccine is about 98 percent effective and the vaccine has been available since 1995.

Students on campus are concerned.

"I'm not freaked out about it where I'm petrified cause I already had it, but then at the same time, it's kind of freaks me out," Paris Jordan said.

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