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Victims in Deadly UPS Shooting in SF Identified

Customers in SF's Diamond Heights neighborhood remember delivery driver 'Big Mike'

San Francisco's Medical Examiner's Office late Wednesday night confirmed the identities of the victims in the deadly shooting at a UPS facility. Wayne Chan, 56, Mike Lefiti, 46, and Benson Louie, 50, were killed by a co-worker in the rampage, officials said.

A longtime UPS delivery driver, Lefiti, a resident of Hercules, made a lot of friends and quite an impression over the years. To many he was known as "Big Mike."

Fellow UPS employee Isaiah Miggins described Lefiti as someone who would "put a smile on your face" every day.

"He’d come in every morning and get us all pumped up again because he was coming in," Miggins said. "He was very loud. He would give hugs to people in the morning."

A day after the death of his friend, Miggins said he was trying to stay focused on the job, but kept expecting to see Lefiti burst through the doors of the warehouse.

"It hurts me," he said. "It's been hurting me all morning."

A makeshift memorial for Lefiti is growing at a shopping center in the Diamond Heights neighborhood where he delivered. People who knew him were shocked and saddened to hear he was one of three people killed in a shooting rampage by a fellow UPS employee.

"He loved everybody, always had a smile," said Jeanette Oliver, a shopping center manager. "So big, you just wanted to hug him."

Customer Nelson Barry recalled a time when Lefiti went out of his way to help him.

"Several months ago, he unpacked his truck looking for a present for my grandson so I could take it and leave right away and give it to him," Barry said.

Erika Miller, who lives on Lefiti's delivery route, said the neighborhood loved "Big Mike," and he loved it back.

"He just had the biggest heart in the whole world," she said. "He was a huge guy. He looked intimidating to people who didn't know him, but he was just a huge teddy bear."

Family members said Lefiti was shot in the chest, causing them to think he may have been trying to stop the shooting or talk the shooter down.

Lefiti leaves behind a wife and five children.

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