‘A Kid Could Be Killed': Video of Napa Man Confronting Alleged Reckless Teen Driver Goes Viral

Video of a Napa man trying to protect his community by confronting an alleged reckless driver has gone viral and has triggered a police investigation.

Chris Lundstrom's dash camera took video of a black Ford Escort going through stop signs in the North Bay city. Napa police officers said they were looking for the car after dozens of parents from Browns Valley Elementary School complained.

"This driver would go by at excessive speed," Napa police Lt. Debbie Peecook said.

Lundstrom found the driver first, recording video while confronting the high school student. He posted it on social media hoping someone could name the student.

Lundstrom in the video tells the driver he needs to stop and warns the teen he is going to kill someone someday if he doesn't slow down. But the exchange takes an unexpected turn when the teen driver claims he is being molested.

"I'm being molested," the teen tells Lundstrom in the video. "You touched me."

It is a claim police said is unfounded. The video is part of a case against the driver.

Lundstrom said he removed the video after seeing negative comments about the teen.

Some worry about the boys privacy, but said safety comes first.

"If someone is speeding by school at 45 miles per hour a kid could be killed," Napa-resident Russ Hagan said. "It's not a privacy thing. It's let's make it stop."

Napa police are forwarding their case to the district attorney and juvenile probation, recommending the teen be charged with reckless driving and violating his drivers permit.

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